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True North

A lot of people like to say that they’re ‘in between jobs’, but I actually am. With a new job starting in early December, there’s a recipe at hand; a window of time and an island to the north that’s yet to be explored.

I’m excited to do some longer hikes and ‘tramps’, swim in fresh water, maybe catch a trout and surf in the salt. I was tempted to stay on the South Island and see more of what it has to offer but I’m not sure when an opportunity to see the North Island might come up again.

The last couple of days have been spent making sure the vegetable garden is set up enough so it won’t soak up all Elena’s time while I’m gone and packing everything I’ll need while trying to travel as light as I can. Having varied interests such as surfing, photography, tramping, camping, fishing and climbing means the kilos of gear adds up pretty quickly.

The loose plan is to spend a few days heading towards the ferry, Wellington for a day and then north to Tongariro National Park. After that it’ll be based on the weather and who else I can meet up with along the way. If you’re following me on Instagram and interested in getting together to take some photos, sling me a message!

So, I’m off for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, pick radishes and push portra.

Pick radishes, push portra


iPhone and iOS 11

A collection of images from a weekend down south, after riding out the last hours of work on a Friday with car and bags packed ready; words straight from scribbles on a notepad and photos directly from my iPhone. With that new iOS 11 update, those little things in your back pocket just became a heck of a lot more powerful. Usually it’s film, but the best camera you have is always the one that you have with you.


“Squeezed through Dunedin and as I slipped through the other side like a newborn, the sun dipped below the horizon. I haven’t seen it do that in how long? I mean really watched it. I’d forgotten the pace it gains as gravity appears to take effect. Watch it accelerate as it moves slowly at first and then quickly to meet the green green mountains.”

Processed with VSCO with t2 preset


“I dreamt about borage last night, thickets of borage. Cabbage too, cabbage too tall that it might snap under its own weight. Some red, some green. There are seeds to plant when I get home. Crawling into the car to sleep with a cup of tea, watching small birds dance in the dust.”

Processed with VSCO with t2 preset


“Waking up to cowboy coffee and a real possibility of waves. I like mornings, a clean slate, yesterday is done, nothing has gone wrong yet and the potential of the new day is endless.”



Processed with VSCO with t2 preset


Winter in the West

Wild West - Line Up 1

Wild West - Line Up 2

North Point Freight Train

‘Freight Train’

EOS1v / Kodak Portra 400 pushed 1 stop / C41 processed

Newcastle, NSW

Maybe it was a thought, maybe it was a dream.

Newcastle Palms


Shuffled north to a favourite camping spot, the run out of the ‘city’ of Newcastle took longer than it should, by the time I hit the highway I was shirtless, soaking up the sun through the windscreen of the rental and looking for an adequate place along the  roadside to pee. I blame it on that one-more-coffee at ‘The Kiosk‘.

The targeted camping spot is a perpetual favourite, especially in winter when you’re likely to be alone. Held my breath as I wound along the last stretch of dirt road, peering through the trees in search of other tents. Nothing, no-one. Yes!

Set up the little orange dome on a patch of grass in the patchy afternoon sunlight and made my way up and over the dunes to a pristine stretch of beach that I hadn’t realised I missed so much. The memories I have from here are next to none; fishing with Dad, camping with friends and sunsets with Elena.

On the EdgeLooooong BeachF1000015F1000020

A book read well into the afternoon, beach fire at dusk, swimming naked in the morning light, absolute perfection.

The little orange dome, it’s as easy as that.

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