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Shuffled north to a favourite camping spot, the run out of the ‘city’ of Newcastle took longer than it should, by the time I hit the highway I was shirtless, soaking up the sun through the windscreen of the rental and looking for an adequate place along the  roadside to pee. I blame it on that one-more-coffee at ‘The Kiosk‘.

The targeted camping spot is a perpetual favourite, especially in winter when you’re likely to be alone. Held my breath as I wound along the last stretch of dirt road, peering through the trees in search of other tents. Nothing, no-one. Yes!

Set up the little orange dome on a patch of grass in the patchy afternoon sunlight and made my way up and over the dunes to a pristine stretch of beach that I hadn’t realised I missed so much. The memories I have from here are next to none; fishing with Dad, camping with friends and sunsets with Elena.

On the EdgeLooooong BeachF1000015F1000020

A book read well into the afternoon, beach fire at dusk, swimming naked in the morning light, absolute perfection.

The little orange dome, it’s as easy as that.

Lineup, Lineup

Whether it was luck or maybe I had forgotten just how kind Australian winters are; I ran head long into clear skies, sun still with a little warmth to it and waves to match on the East Coast.

An early morning lineup of Bar Beach, Newcastle looking a little more Hawaiian than usual.

Bar Beach (Gods Country)

Bar Beach (Gods Country) 2

Five Minutes on Hunter Street.

A single roll of film over a cup of coffee with Ash.

Good times, great mates and five minutes on Hunter Street.







Grainy Mates


New Temporary House

I researched and researched and researched and finally bought a new tent. To test it out managed a quick strike, with a film camera in tow, to a favourite quiet place not too far from home.

Camped on the gravel bed by the lake with only rising trout for company, watched the sun go down and then rise again in the morning.

Simple Tent - Lake Taylor

First pitch of the new tent

Double Exposure Out of Tent

Watching the sun go down over the mountains

Morning Reflections - Lake TaylorFire - Lake TaylorFog Mountain - Lake TaylorTent - Lake Taylor

Morning Coffee - Lake Taylor

Morning coffee


If you can pronounce it, ask around for it.

A neat little break in the weather and every day routine, the three of us posted up in an Airbnb and poked around Twizel including the Hooker Valley, Tasman Glacier, Tekapo and a few other nearby spots for a weekend.

A couple of favourites from the trip, hope you enjoy checking out the photos as much as I did taking them!

Tasman Glacier 2

Aoraki : Mt. Cook - Elena 1

Aoraki : Mt. Cook Dusk 1

By the Road - Twizel

Lake, Rose Hips and Light Leaks

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