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Shuffled north to a favourite camping spot, the run out of the ‘city’ of Newcastle took longer than it should, by the time I hit the highway I was shirtless, soaking up the sun through the windscreen of the rental and looking for an adequate place along the  roadside to pee. I blame it on that one-more-coffee at ‘The Kiosk‘.

The targeted camping spot is a perpetual favourite, especially in winter when you’re likely to be alone. Held my breath as I wound along the last stretch of dirt road, peering through the trees in search of other tents. Nothing, no-one. Yes!

Set up the little orange dome on a patch of grass in the patchy afternoon sunlight and made my way up and over the dunes to a pristine stretch of beach that I hadn’t realised I missed so much. The memories I have from here are next to none; fishing with Dad, camping with friends and sunsets with Elena.

On the EdgeLooooong BeachF1000015F1000020

A book read well into the afternoon, beach fire at dusk, swimming naked in the morning light, absolute perfection.

The little orange dome, it’s as easy as that.

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  1. Wow these photos are just positively gorgeous, mate! Can’t wait to get to camp out in Australia too someday!


    September 23, 2017

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