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Elena is on a short round-trip to Australia, so I did what I assume everyone does when they’re left home alone; sip bottomless cups of chamomile tea and watch Wes Anderson films. I watched the ‘Darjeeling Limited’ and now I think I’ll go to India.

Saturday dawned and instead of hopping a plane, threw a few necessities in the car and made my way into the mountains for an overnight jaunt. On the way west, I made sure I drove through the busiest part of town and the local penitentiary, if for nothing but sheer contrast.

Hiked the Devil’s Punchbowl and Bridal Falls in the early afternoon, indulged in a post-sunset swim in the cleaner end of the Waimakariri and fell asleep stretched out in the back of the car reading Barbara Kingsolver’s ‘Small Wonder’.Morning Dirt Road with PyramidMorning Dirt RoadBefore sunrise I brewed coffee and watched the fog and mist of a still night gather in secret meetings over small lakes.Cass Lake 1CheesemanI wandered back to the coast to meet the working week, mosquito bites and hummus stains on my shorts as evidence of a weekend spent. Nearer to home I stopped and shared a carrot breakfast with a couple of local goons.Eeyore 2

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