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A Sense of Self

Self-portraits are important.

To be able to record a moment in time is special and should be treated as such. The creative process should be enjoyed. Take the work of Vivian Maier as an example, she’s wasn’t doing it for the followers on Instagram.

Coffee at Home

Lyttelton, NZ

Lyttelton Curtain Window Cropped

Lyttelton, NZ

Self Portrait

Baileys Harbor, WI

The photograph may not be about a person for the most part but surroundings, a sense of place. No doubt there’s something captured in the frame that’s a date stamp or an ode to an era.

In the above you can see in the background the wall of the barn that I’ve half stripped and should actually be working towards painting rather than taking photos. Summer projects.

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  1. great series.
    who knows how she would treat Instagram or other social media today :-)


    August 8, 2015
  2. Beautiful images, that first one really gets me. What is causing that light effect on it?


    August 10, 2015

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