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Routine Biting Hard

It’s amazing what employment can do to dampen creativity. At first, but then you make time for things and projects find themselves a foothold in the daily routine. At the moment I go to work under the cover of darkness, guided by streetlights and return home in much the same way. ‘Weekends’ were a concept I’d lost touch with over the past eighteen months, as we did whatever-whenever we wanted, but they’re now precious again.

Looking Back – While in Mexico it’s always a struggle against the harsh sunlight and constant heat to keep film from becoming damaged. During the last trip over the northern hemisphere winter, I gave in, maybe even helped a little. It felt counterintuitive but I dropped a roll of my favourite Portra into a jar mixed with water and limes from the tree in the yard, swished it around and let it sit for a few hours. Wrapped in a little cheesecloth I pegged it to the outside of our mosquito net for a week or so to dry. Experiments take time and time I had.

The first few frames went ok, but then the teeth of the winding mechanism pulled through the damaged film and it jammed. Even a measly two shots make an experiment with film worthwhile.

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  1. Marcus #

    I took photos while I was employed but I didn’t get the time and energy to put on an exhibition until after I quit my job. Lots of people have exhibitions while employed, of course. I am just poor at time management. But even good time management wouldn’t have given me the feeling of freedom that I needed to put everything together.
    Did the weakened film jam up your camera at all?


    May 17, 2015
  2. The film did jam, I only made these two frames. I think letting it sit for longer in the lime bath or whatever your intentionally destructive solution is, but then rinsing could preserve the film a little better. Two shots is still an experiment worthwhile.


    May 18, 2015
  3. Really dig that shot of the silhouetted umbrellas along the waterfront. Brilliant!


    May 19, 2015
  4. Love the colours!


    June 6, 2015

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