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Perfect, Irrelevant

Everything turned into private conversations and ‘you-had-to-be-there’ moments, I stopped writing anything relevant and started scribbling cryptic travel notes that I still can’t interpret. Something something perfectly windblown, something something raw, something something love.


Our hygiene waned, we found lighthouses and deserted beaches. The rain continued. One morning we awoke to find the tent, with us inside, had floated three beaches south from our camp in Nehalem Bay. False story. That never happened.

Around the same time as the rain didn’t stop I started collecting coins. Quarters. Not the boring basic american eagle kind but the state by state collectibles. Elena stuck to sand dollars while reminding me about weight when we eventually fly, she’d hate it if she knew I was collecting teaspoons too. Idaho, Ohio, Kansas, Wyoming, Rhode Island………

Signage is scarce in the northwest. You’ll see a sign a few miles out from a junction but from there you’re on your own, it’s astonishing we found anything really. Weeds the lame from the adventurous I guess. We found Bandon, there I had the best bread of my life. If you’re looking for a loaf in Oregon, look up Seth from Seth’s Sourdough. I went with the ‘multi seed’.

Driftwood desert

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  1. luminouszest #

    beautifully written!


    February 14, 2015

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