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Road Trip – Pacific Northwest

Just a quick one.

We’ve always talked about a road trip through the Pacific Northwest. One of those romantic post-dinner conversations filled with intention, where you lean back in your chair with a full stomach and pretend that one day the opportunity will present itself, at the same time assuming life will get in the way of living and we’ll just keep talking about it.

Well, life lost concentration for a quick minute and living won out.

Around the same time the leaves admit defeat and the dog starts refusing to go outside to pee in the morning cold, we’ll take the long way from Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin to San Diego, California. Heading west and into that state that confuses me because it shares a name with the country’s capital, through Oregon and sliding on down into California. 3,500 miles of road at our own pace – lakes, mountains, trails, Yellowstone, Yosemite, camping and campfires, Portland, cold-water waves, big sky country, tents, rain, redwoods, San Francisco, bridges, waterfalls and I don’t know what else or in what order. I’ll be packing everything I’ll need which means leaving expectation at home (if you pack expectation, disappointment only wants to come too and we don’t have room in the car for both). California for thanksgiving?

I’m currently on a solo trip in Mexico, Elena’s at home holding fort in the States; the planning has begun, heads all a buzz, books borrowed from the library, plenty of phone calls back and forth to each other, including thoughts it’s an almost permanent connection. I’m usually a believer in science but when it comes to the Pacific Northwest I’ve that feeling of nostalgia for a place I’ve not yet laid eyes on. You can read all the books you want but until you go, you haven’t been.

Reflexes are funny. The moment we said ‘yay’ I promptly downloaded the Nick Cave discography, just seemed like the right thing to do. I’m busy searching for things to jump off and trying to channel Kerouac and the western leg of Sal Paradise’s first journey. No doubt Elena’s research is a little more relevant, including contacting family or friends from who we might sneak a shower or a nights stay. Symbiotic? She’s already found somewhere in California to put our car out to pasture until next time we’re in the States. We’ll get there in the end (I’m lucky to have her).


(Also I think other people’s perspective is a pretty cool thing, if you have anything you think we REALLY should see or do anywhere along the way – get in touch via the Facebook page or through the email found in the ‘About’ page. We’d love to hear from you)

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