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The Past is Present Enough

It’s difficult to write in the present tense when you’re developing film.

These photos are from the last days in Mexico; with boards packed away I had a well-spent Monday morning wander and finished a film in the AE-1 with an unpredictable 28mm lens.

Zicatela / April 2014

If you Google it there are probably four thousand lineup shots of Zicatela on the internet, lucky number four thousand and one.

I don’t like to over document surfing but the preceding two days was something of a gift; the first real swell of the season and only handful of takers including Oscar, Dane Gudauskas, Reef McIntosh and Derek Dunfee. I rode a fresh but borrowed 8’0 and spent about six hours in the water across the two days with only two waves to show for it. Slow both days; the sand still wasn’t quite right, a little shifty and mostly lefts but absolutely worth every minute. What did Dane say? “It’s not all lefts out here…but I guess it doesn’t matter which way you go on a closeout.” I guess around the ten feet mark you should really start to avoid those with a little more conviction.

Monday Morning in Mexico

Monday Morning in Mexico

Colectivo View

Do and see all your favourite Mexican things you can for now, then it’s taxis, hotels, flights, taxis, and more flights. Climb the American continent like a ladder until you’re home in the North. I can’t hardly wait.

Mexico City from the Air

Mexico City from the Air

See here and here for more photos.

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